Bali Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography in Bali

There are some places on Earth which are known for just being stunning. They are places that are not only beautiful, but they are also cultural and interesting too. The sort of place that you are going to want to spend some time.

Bali is one of those places. In fact, when it comes to fashion photography shoots, we think that Bali is a great place to book.

But why is this?

Bali is the ideal location for a fashion photography shoot

One of the main reasons that we love Bali as a fashion photography location is simply because it is beautiful. The very nature of fashion photography means that you need to find a setting that is great to look at, but that won’t over shadow the important thing. The clothes.

When you are in Bali, you have plenty of places to choose from, however, if you really want to enjoy the best of what it has to offer, then we highly recommend arranging for a beach shoot. After all, this is one of the things that Bali is best known for.

That said, there is so much more to Bali then just fantastic beaches. There are also colourful and fascinating towns that are just the ideal setting for any photos to be taken.

Another great thing about booking for a Bali based photography shoot is that the weather is always going to be good here. You don’t have to worry about the wind, the rain and the cold. You can simply soak up the sunshine and really just enjoy the photoshoot whilst it happens.

Nick Burrett Fashion Photography

After travelling all the way to Bali you are going to want to make sure that you find the right company to take your photos. Something that we can offer here at Nick Burrett Photography. We are experts in a range of different photography types. One of these is fashion photography.

For us, fashion photography is always about making sure that the fashion is the main focus. Which is why we know that whilst the location is incredibly important, that it is just the backdrop for the photos.

We work with a range of clients and we always make sure that they get the shots that they are looking for. No matter where we are in the world. Whilst we love working in London, where we are based, and the rest of the UK, we are also more than happy to travel around and find the right place for your photo shoot.

So, if you are an agency who want to make sure that their names get booked, you are a model who wants to build their portfolio, or perhaps a fashion house who wants to take their designs to the world, then why not get in touch with us today and learn about our great fashion photography service?

We can promise you that we will always get you from your best angle.