Dubai Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography in Dubai

There are many things that Dubai is known for; however, when it comes to fashion, Dubai can really hit the spot. With a range of top of the range designers, instantly recognisable brand names and shops that are packed full of achingly fashionable clothes. It makes sense that the fashion forward amongst us are going to head to Dubai.

This is why, here at Nick Burrett Photography we have opened up our photography services to include fashion photography in this fascinating city.

Why Dubai is ideal for fashion photography

When you are planning a fashion photography shoot; you need to make sure that you choose the perfect location. Of course, the clothes are always going to be the main focus, but you can really bring them to life by simply choosing the right backdrop.

The great thing about Dubai is that it is a city that is packed full of beautiful places. In fact, it was made to look stunning when it was designed.

You can head to Dubai for your fashion photography shoot and pick an outdoors location, a beach front location, a pool side spot or perhaps somewhere inside. All of those places can be found in Dubai and offer you the ideal setting to really create something special. This is why many people choose Dubai as the setting for their fashion photography as well as plenty of other forms of photography shoots too.

Away from your photography session, Dubai is also a great place to spend some time. You can soak up the sunshine, shop until you drop or perhaps just enjoy relaxing and unwinding in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

When you think of it this way, is it little surprise that we love working with people in Dubai?

Book Nick Burrett for your Dubai fashion photography

We have lots of expertise here at Nick Burrett Photography and one of the areas that we are able to offer a specialist service in is fashion photography. We work with a wide range of clients to ensure that the clothes are always at the forefront of the image; although we pick the right setting too.

Some of the clients that we work with in our fashion photography service include models who want to build their portfolio or model agency businesses who want to show their names in the best light. We don’t stop there; we also work with fashion designers and houses, taking their designs and ensuring that the very best images are captured of them.

Based in London we work in the UK; however, we are more than happy to travel throughout the world in order to find the very best locations for any photo shoot. This includes heading to Dubai.

Want to know whether we can help you to get the right fashion images? Get in touch with us today and learn more about the service that we provide and whether it is right for you and your needs.