Bangkok Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography in Bangkok

There is no denying that Bangkok is a busy and crowded city; one that is full of people all trying to live their own lives and follow their own paths. You might think that a city this big and this full, might not make for the ideal fashion photography location; but, here at Nick Burrett Photography we believe that it is the very nature of the city that makes it incredible.

Why book a fashion photography shoot in Bangkok?

Bangkok is definitely a city of contrasts. On one street you can find a traditional market packed full of local foods; but then, just around the corner you will be greeted by something new, something vibrant, something special.

This is why we believe that Bangkok is a great setting for any fashion photography shoot. It is the same as it has always been, but it is also completely different. Something that could apply to the very nature of fashion.

The sheer variety that Bangkok has to offer makes it the ideal place for a photography shoot. Not only does it vary with wide open spaces and closed off streets; but it is also rich in colour, character and charm too. Of course, with any fashion photography shoot, you will want to make sure that the clothes are centre stage. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be against a fascinating backdrop too.

Arranging a fashion photography shoot with Nick Burrett Photography

We take fashion photography seriously here at Nick Burrett; which is the reason why we have a wealth of happy clients that have used our services for their projects. We take on a variety of companies and individuals to work with and we always want to make sure that they are left with the exact thing that they want. The perfect photo.

Over the years that we have been operating as a photographer, particularly in the field of fashion photography we have worked with many different clients. We have experience in working with models who want to secure work and get their name out there. We have worked with agencies who have a number of names on their books that are ready to make their big break.

We have even worked with fashion houses and designers, who recognise that in order to ensure that their style is out there in the world, it needs to be represented properly. Each one of these clients have different needs and we know that we have to approach them in a different way.

Based in London, we work throughout the UK and also then take our services across the globe. We know that there is no limit to where fashion can go, which is why we often find ourselves working in amazing places, just like Bangkok.

So, if you are looking for a fashion photography expert and you want to try out your photos somewhere a little more exotic in nature; then get in touch with us. We have all the experience that we need to ensure that you get exactly where you need to be and that you always look your best, from every single angle.