London Fashion Photographer

One of the biggest fashion events of the year has to be London Fashion Week; so, when you have this in mind you it makes sense that one of the best locations for fashion photography has to be London.

Here at Nick Burrett Photography we are based In London; which probably means that we are a little on the biased side when it comes to this amazing city! But, all it takes is a visit and you too will fall in love with everything that London has to offer.

London is an amazing city and it is one that is packed full of amazing places to take a variety of fashion images. But, why is this? What makes London the go to city for a fashion photo shoot?

Why choose London?

We may be a little biased about just why we love London so much, after all, it is the city that we are based in and work from. However, we believe that despite this, there are plenty of reasons why London is the perfect location for a fashion shoot.

The first reason for this is because London is just a fashionable place to hang out. When you spend time in London you are going to feel more like a trend-setter, more able to express yourself through your clothing choices. This will help the creative juices to flow and ensure that you have the best photo shoot ever.

Another reason to pick London is because it is going to give you a wide range of choices when it comes to places to actually base your photos. There are so many landmarks in the city for you to choose from that you are definitely going to find the right place to base your photos.

You could choose a more recognised place such as Buckingham Palace or perhaps Hyde park, or, why not explore some of the lesser known spots or off the beaten track streets, which could also be the perfect location for your pictures?

Why choose us?

Aside from choosing London, one other big decision you need to make when it comes to your fashion photography needs is who is going to take the photos. Here at Nick Burrett Photography we are experts in all things photography. We have worked with clients of all types and offered services of all kinds too.

We take great pride in every single photograph that we take, whether that is for a wedding, a corporate photo shoot, school leavers or even glamour photo shoots. However, one type of photography that we always love capturing has to be fashion. We believe that not only are these particular shots amazing to take, but also the end result is definitely one that is going to impress too.

So, if you are a model who wants to add to their portfolio, an agency looking to ensure that your names are picked first or perhaps a fashion house who are searching for the right representation for their brand, then we are the place to come.